Buy Side Advisory

Our knowledge of markets opportunities and industries helps our clients in assessing strategic growth strategy as well as identification of suitable acquisition targets. Crafting a strategy to approach potential acquisition candidates and negotiating the terms and structure of a potential transaction are delicate matters in which Sparrow Advisory have extensive experience. Our experience in representing strategic and financial acquirers in domestic and cross border transactions includes:

  • Helping the company identify potential acquisition targets
  • Performing due diligence on proposed targets
  • Valuing the proposed benefits of the acquisition
  • Negotiating with target firms to establish the terms of the deal
  • Structuring and closing the deal

Identification of trustworthy partners, background checks, legal documentation and structuring.

Board level advice after a deal is done on integration and on-going strategic and business requirements, keeping the eyes and ears on the ground, monitoring the investment

Sell Side Advisory

We help promoters who wish to sell their business for various reasons – succession issues, desire for liquidity for personal needs, non-core operations, limitation of resources to finance growth, and for specific industry issues.

We have extensive global network and work with other boutique investment banks to reach strategic investors in other geographies. We project manage the assignment from beginning to end (preparation of collateral, identification of potential buyers, assisting in valuing the opportunity, structuring, negotiations, due diligence).